Sunday, December 31, 2017

Annual Review 2017

Lifeline 2017: In summary, 2017 has been awesome. There are more good times than distress times that I could remember.

Theme of the year: Value. When you are working for a corporate company, you are small as compared to the size of the organisation. Your salary is insignificant to what the CEO earns and what the company is making. Looking at the cost items as my job, I no longer know how to differentiate if millions are a small value or big value.

Work: First official year in the corporate world, I am still seeking for some answers. I still don't really grasp the concept of career yet. Weird I know, it's just a confusing state of mind where I question is there no other option other than work? But the year turned out to be well, I have an amazing team and great exposure. I am learning. I am experimenting. And I got a surprise towards the end of year.

Lifestyle: I think I managed to crack the work-life balance. I like how my weekends are always family first. Part time work or some special occasions do come in once awhile, but my weekends are usually home and family, laze around with Youtube, rest and some beauty sessions. Work is not consuming me. I have a decent amount of interests and an annual project to work on.

Health and Fitness: I fell sick pretty often this year and I have some annoying infections. I have also gained a couple of kilos (ugh!!), I think this is the fattest I have been. I worked out really often but I don't think it's the the right fitness regime. On the side note, I started running. Poor form but pretty proud of attempting and finishing a half marathon! Getting the AIA Vitality Platinum status was sweet! 

Friendship: There were some unexpected friendships blossom. There were change of approach in some of the existing friendships. It's a year I realized I have no time for bullshit and negativity - I got no patience. I learned the three things I could not stand from people, in order - inconsiderate/ignorant, selfish and rude. 

Fear: Last year I realized I can be a person with low confidence. This year I realized I can be a person with weird fears. I do not like walking down the stairs and driving, because I have this fear in me that something bad would happen. In November realizing the amazing 2017 is coming to an end, I have a fear that something bad would happen to ruin it. Thankfully, it went by smoothly.

Relationship: Unsurprisingly, not a year with development. Still dancing on my own but there were a couple of noteworthy stories. I had a good time and I had some bad times. I am so used to the feeling anyway. They say I will get stronger after each experience. If I have to conclude the love story, I come to realize that I can't be just wanting the happy and best part of being with someone. I have to learn to endure and accept the heartbreak that comes with it. Perhaps the best thing you can do for a person you like is to let go and wish the person happiness. On a separate note, there is still a special person who need no definition on the relationship. It took me awhile to accept and enjoy but deep down, I am too grateful to have this person with me. It's an unconditional thing which I think is rare.

Travel: I wanted to do one overseas trip and one big local trip each year, it didn't turn out as planned. Locally, I visited Penang, Malacca, Port Dickson, Cyberjaya and Lumut, checked off Batu Caves too. Nothing too new I have discovered, still wishes to visit some non mainstream places in Malaysia. I went to New Zealand with my girlfriends which it started off with an unfortunate incident but finished off well. And I went to Cambodia with my family which was absolutely stunning. 

Annual Project: Minimalism turned out to be super amazing. I enjoy it tremendously that I wish to make it another year of Minimalism 2.0. But I wanted to focus on the other thing. Minimalism is a great lifestyle change for me and I am positive that it will be with me forever. Here's another blogpost if you wish to read:

Overall: I am grateful that it is an eventful and peaceful year. Thank God for the blessing. Thank you to family and friends who made 2017 a good one. There is an indirect expectation for 2018 but I will play it as it goes. I have some resolutions I want to work on, which I have yet to draft it out.

Wen Xin