Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fun with Fours

Tagged by Shao Qi on Facebook, and I feel like writing: the stories behind this

Four names I go by:

I'd prefer Wen Xin, but it seems like a tough Chinese name. Wenz is the name I had during high school. Xin is an exclusive one to my parents. And Wendy, is just an easy name I don't want to bother repeating my preferred name. When my mother adopted the similar fashion in getting an English name, I frowned. Then it hit me, I adopted her password style anyway, so we are even.

Four places I've lived:

I was born and bred in Selangor. My grandmother babysat me in Perak. I spent 3 years in Canberra. And I am currently living in Kuala Lumpur.

Four things I love to watch on YouTube

So I do start spending a lot of time on Youtube when I was in Australia. It is a good platform and opportunity for ordinary people to present extraordinary things. I followed a number of beauty youtubers, and realised the amazing stuff you can do with those beauty products. The industry itself transformed a lot lately, it's booming with females wanting to enhance their beauties with it. Then minimalism, which is likely going to be my next annual project! It is tempting to not watch it as much so I can proceed with discovering more next year. Short films, though not as much as before. Then baking videos, another booming sector. A number of my inspirations came from Youtube.

Four places I wanted to visit:

New Zealand! Because I have booked a trip for next July with my girls! That's going to my annual overseas trip. Philippines! The top country I want to visit in South East Asia, inspired by a travel video on Youtube. USA, I want to do a 6-month honeymoon camping trip there, if no honeymoon, it's cool too, Then Italy again! It's a country I know for sure, I would return. And I can't wait for the day to come. Maybe I can add it up to the next place to live.

Four things I love to eat:

I defined it with food that I would never resist. I am generally picky. There are food that I like but it is not a craving every time. If these food are present, not even 'I am on diet' can be a excuse not to have that. And I never be on diet anyway. Need no introduction, there you go: Chocolate, Fried Chicken, Fries and Avocado.

Four favourite drinks:

Similarly, drinks I would never resist. 3-layer milk tea, my Sunday breakfast's beverage. Hot chocolate, which I have been abusing the office's machine. Ice Lemon/Lime Tea, the substitute when I want something light and non-milky. Starbucks Frappuccino, the reason I would resist is when I need to have 2 meals instead of burning the money on a drink.

Wen Xin