Thursday, April 21, 2016


So, I finally found out what is the significance of 4/20. I saw it almost everywhere these two days. Then I found out, it was National Weed Day. You can google all stories behind 420's association to weed. But here, I want to tell my story about weed. 

I remembered the first time I tried shisha, it was at an middle-eastern restaurant with an old friend. I remembered the first time I tried smoking a cigarette, it was at an alley across the street from where I lived. I remembered the first time I tried smoking weed, which you called it a joint, it was at middle of nowhere. 

You took out a bag of suspicious-looking substance. There were more tools with it. After three minutes of preparation, you offered me your joint of weed. I felt like a rebel, I felt like I should not, but I am always up for new experience. I took my first breath in, and heaved. It felt like cigarette to me but a friend assured me it is not the same. I took the second breath in, and it felt better. 

You taught me how to pass on the joint, as I was clumsy in it. You taught me how to cheers with the beer bottle, by looking deeply into the eyes. You taught me how to travel, with your rich experience and courageous instinct. You taught me how to live, by seeing how others lived. You taught me how to love, in such a short amount of time.

Every night, I see you rolling a joint as your nightly routine. As each day passed with the routine, our relationship developed like an exponential function whenever weed was present. If I recalled correctly, there was an introduction, then a trial, then a rejection, then a make out, then a cultural exchange, then a confession, then a climax, then a downfall, then an ending. It was eventful with sweet memories. 

It was 4.20 somewhere, in another continent. And I am wondering how have you been. I wished we were more just a fairy tale. You gave me so much to remember. And I will never forget you as the first person who gave me the weed experience.

Wen Xin