Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wake Up Call

I've always loved Chinese proverbs, as it contains so many great values in the sophisticated Chinese characters. I've always admired my mother, as one of the many great things about her is she is one of the kindest person. I've always preferred Buddhism, as it encourages a fruitful lifestyle and a kind human spirit.

I used to be ambitious with materialistic goals and dreams. But in recent years, I discovered that I want to be happy, simply happy. With this ideology in mind, I am aspired to be a good, kind and nice. A few friends have pointed it out, I humbly brushed it off but I am glad I can be called as a good person. I learned that I want to be honest, with opinions and ideas. I treat everyone with empathy, almost no judgement and I do love and care for most of the people that I know. 

But, this world is not that simple. I know it, but I have always want to believe the best of the world, the best of the human kind. 

It turns out, money is so deceiving that people would steal; power is so tempting that people would lie; judgement is so important that people would insult, expression is needed that people would hurt. All these while, I insist on being patient and not seek revenge. Because I believe if I were to reply the action, I am no difference that the evil ones out there.

It is so much easier to be a heartless person, which I wrote on my whiteboard after two incidents on this solemn day. But I am not willing to downgrade myself to that level. I would question humanity, but in the future, smarter and wiser. 

To you people who have tricked and hurt me, thank you. 

Wen Xin