Monday, June 1, 2015

Wen are you stopping the sins?

Well, as usual, distracted from studies, let me blog about this since the coffee is keeping me awake and I am avoiding Accounting by all means. Just saw this posted from a friend and I got ideas to #keepitgoing. It's a rhyme/writings using celebrities names:

  • Was Kanye heading West?
  • David Becks for a ham?
  • Taylor is Swift at dating.
  • I like Blake, she is Lively.
  • Brad is at the Pitt stop.
  • Neville, you can't wear shorts, it has to be Long bottom!
  • Demi, I want Moore from you.
  • Beyonce, I Know less than her about music.
  • Vin, not petrol, I need Diesel for the car.
  • Amanda Says fried chicken!
  • Dakota is so hot, she's Fanning herself.
  • Just so you know, Harrison drives a Ford.
  • Orlando, Blooms like a flower.
  • Heath, can you look at the Ledger account?
  • Anne, please put your Hat away.
  • Nicholas, that's a Cage, not a national treasure.
  • Meet the twins, Elton and John.
  • Jamie, look, it's a Foxx.
  • Chris, it's Pink day at Baskin Robins, not Brown.
  • That's strange, Robin doesn't read, but he's holding a Thicke book.
  • Pixie, how much for the Lott?
  • Don't trust Ben, he's a Stealer.
  • Halle is figuring out how to use a black Berry.
  • Emma kills two birds with one Stone.
  • Jennifer manages to Garner Ben A Flag.
  • Andrew hates that orange lazy cat, Garfield.
  • Russell shops for expensive Brands.
  • Floyd, May the Weather favour your outdoor party tonight.
  • Bruno is the first man to sing on Mars.
  • It only takes 30 Seconds To travel to Mars.
  • Tiger's golf ball is lost at the Woods.
  • Justin's dad runs a Timber business by the Lake.
  • Lionel, tidy up your Messi room.
  • Michael sits by the Bay.
  • Gordon Rams into me and Says that I am stupid.
  • Dan's favourite colour is Brown, while John's is Green.
  • Stephen is a King when it comes to thriller fiction.
I could go on and on, But this is enough. Time for some (argh) accounting.

Wen Xin