Monday, June 29, 2015

Some day in August 2014

So here I am, sitting in a van with 9 people, surrounded by frost and fog. The front screen of the vehicle shows a road with no ends. It will be my very first time, to see snow and to ski.  

 My favourite season is winter, not because I have experienced it and loved it. But because I have never experienced it for 21 years, and I never thought it was possible anytime in the near future, not until the change of fate.

I shall write this before I see snow for real. People told me your first time is great. After that it is not as nice as you thought. 

The white in its purity makes it mysteriously beautiful. Its ability to conquer the nature, makes plants, animals and even humans fear of it. It is so powerful that the trees turn bald, the animals hide in shelter and humans curse the weather condition.

Its fearful and powerful. But I think its magical. And that is exact thought I had for snow. Seeing snow for the very first time will be a magical experience for me.  

Being in a company of fellow Malaysians, we come together as a group to have fun. I often hear remarks and thoughts, which I think its the major factor that we are not developing. It was just the first hour of gathering, but I thoroughly enjoy the company, eventhough I'm not fully engaging with all. 

 A Chinese proverb (牺牲小我,完成大我) said, sacrifice the minor, realise the major. Little things that you don't like about people are minor, being able to advance together is major. Not implying anything but superiority can bring the good in inferiority.

Occupied with work and thoughts, I wasn't excited yet. But I can feel, the excitement is building. Praying for safety and fun, for these people and myself.


It's 29th June and I am clearing the notes on my phone. Thoughts about this post? Still pretty much the same, except I wouldn't be seeing snow again. The snow experience wasn't as magical or beautiful as I thought. It was not the snow I wanted, I want the soft and fluffy ones, like cotton candy. Maybe another fine day then.

Still dreaming for snow,
Wen Xin

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Chifley

Week 1

The temperature reaches sub-zero, and the meadows are covered with a layer of frost. The trees are holding on to its last pieces of leaves before going naked. Fingers are frozen and warm breaths are exhaled with mist.

I make my way to the library and find the favourite cubicle. An hour later, the level is filled with people, with the aroma of coffee. For an obvious reason, the atmosphere in the library is tense. The usual chatter is gone and people are looking at their notes, testpads, lecture recording with an occasional distraction to Youtube, Facebook and whatever social media applications on the smartphone.

It's one down, three to go for me. The semester starts off well, but when the mid semester resumes, a series of misfortunes dampen the spirit despite me trying to brush everything off and making things seem normal.

Week 2 

The scene in Chifley has changed drastically as compared to the first week. I am an hour later than usual and there are still ample computers left. I lay out my gears on my study station. I take my pace really slow with the final paper, I had 11 days for it. I start reading a book but it is inconsistent. I start going to gym on weekdays as well. That's how chilled I am. 
There is a distraction or rather an attraction actually. But a Focus application has helped me through a bit. We are talking about planting virtual trees which worth minutes of studying. I guess I have fallen for Econometrics during Easter break, when I was working on the concealed dreams. And now as I have shifted my direction back to what I am supposed to, Econometrics is still charming, even better with a charming lecturer.

Week 3

Chifley is now even more chilled. The chatter returns and the number of students are not as scary. I took the table for four, selfish that way I need a huge table for studies. As usual I lay out my gear neatly but my notes and papers all around the tables. 

Sitting beside the window can be distracting but I like it. Overlooking Fellows Oval, there's always something to see. The birds, the sky, the people. A group of people are playing Ultimate Frisbee. It reminds me when I first played it at St Kilda or West Beach, Melbourne. He teaches me how to flip and catch. He asks me, why did you come to Melbourne? I answer, to mend a broken heart. 

On my last day with Chifley, I spend a mere two hours. It isn’t inspiring and I need to end my relationship with Chifley. It isn't the best library, I am more productive in Hancock and I like Menzies. Art and Music is too small and Law is too old. But I always come to Chifley, there's something about Chifley that I preferred. Probably a sense of belonging and connectedness with the Economics, Finance and Sociology books. 

I packed my bags and books. Bidded Chifley farewell but I'll be back next semester. I'll miss you Chifley.

Wen Xin

Monday, June 1, 2015

Wen are you stopping the sins?

Well, as usual, distracted from studies, let me blog about this since the coffee is keeping me awake and I am avoiding Accounting by all means. Just saw this posted from a friend and I got ideas to #keepitgoing. It's a rhyme/writings using celebrities names:

  • Was Kanye heading West?
  • David Becks for a ham?
  • Taylor is Swift at dating.
  • I like Blake, she is Lively.
  • Brad is at the Pitt stop.
  • Neville, you can't wear shorts, it has to be Long bottom!
  • Demi, I want Moore from you.
  • Beyonce, I Know less than her about music.
  • Vin, not petrol, I need Diesel for the car.
  • Amanda Says fried chicken!
  • Dakota is so hot, she's Fanning herself.
  • Just so you know, Harrison drives a Ford.
  • Orlando, Blooms like a flower.
  • Heath, can you look at the Ledger account?
  • Anne, please put your Hat away.
  • Nicholas, that's a Cage, not a national treasure.
  • Meet the twins, Elton and John.
  • Jamie, look, it's a Foxx.
  • Chris, it's Pink day at Baskin Robins, not Brown.
  • That's strange, Robin doesn't read, but he's holding a Thicke book.
  • Pixie, how much for the Lott?
  • Don't trust Ben, he's a Stealer.
  • Halle is figuring out how to use a black Berry.
  • Emma kills two birds with one Stone.
  • Jennifer manages to Garner Ben A Flag.
  • Andrew hates that orange lazy cat, Garfield.
  • Russell shops for expensive Brands.
  • Floyd, May the Weather favour your outdoor party tonight.
  • Bruno is the first man to sing on Mars.
  • It only takes 30 Seconds To travel to Mars.
  • Tiger's golf ball is lost at the Woods.
  • Justin's dad runs a Timber business by the Lake.
  • Lionel, tidy up your Messi room.
  • Michael sits by the Bay.
  • Gordon Rams into me and Says that I am stupid.
  • Dan's favourite colour is Brown, while John's is Green.
  • Stephen is a King when it comes to thriller fiction.
I could go on and on, But this is enough. Time for some (argh) accounting.

Wen Xin