Monday, April 6, 2015


Perhaps I should be reminded of the things I signed up for everyday,
Like this idea I got during the mid semester assessment week,
51 post-its containing the most important ones and the encouragements I needed,
And that this two weeks are vital for everything.

Perhaps I should have just let go of myself entirely on that night,
That I don't need to know your name, who you are or what's your intention,
A small part of me wanted it, but the bigger part of me was definitely saying no,
I'm glad I hold it true to myself, though I was definitely not myself that night.

Perhaps it's best with a little separation from the social side and myself,
That I finally feeling more delighted and gaining some inspirations here and there,
I needed the space, the peace, the time and the spontaneous meetings with people,
And I guess I am liking the idea of not pushing and blaming myself.

Perhaps I should be gearing up for my upcoming challenges which seem impossible,
That I will make all my monetary, social and emotional sacrifices worthwhile,
And that this secret is still buried, and will not be buried in vain,
Because I will strive and make this work, no matter what it takes.

Wen Xin