Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Currently watching Sin City 2. Beautiful cinematography, I'm imagining green screens and Eva Green all around.

Currently reading 40 Days of Dating. I'm controlling myself not to be addicted to it.

Currently studying Econometrics. It is surprisingly enlightening.

Currently thinking about my Society. I hope my selfishness, stubbornness and ambition don't bring down the society.

Currently loving Mexican food and I made tacos on Monday! 

Currently working on juggling balls of commitments and I'm playing with fire.

Currently missing people at home but I don't know when is home next.

Currently wanting to learn to focus at my thing and keep calm.

Currently feeling tired, lonely and scared on the two journeys I am walking, I've come this far to screw both up. 

Currently deciding to delete Twitter or not, the urge is strong that I have saved an archive of my 300+ tweets.

Wen Xin