Monday, March 2, 2015


'I am busy'

I got mad after hearing that, as if I'm not busy? I am sensitive over insensitive words. I felt like life has been easy for others but not myself. And everytime I absorb everything like a sponge, whether positive or negative. Everytime I would need to pretend things are fine with optimism. 

It's ironic because I literally do nothing on my empty Monday. My work is filling my head all the time, and I constantly escape from the other two things that are seemingly more important. Things get disorganised that I am late, and I absolutely despise being late. 

2.5 months away to something I signed up for three years ago. 4 months to go to redeem myself. 7.5 months to go to let go a burden. 

I'll tell myself this is the last day I'll remain this way. And I put myself to bed to sleep the night away. 

And I repeat the cycle over and over again everyday.

Wen Xin