Saturday, January 24, 2015


Couldn't bring myself to Google Image to find an image for this franchise, for the fear to see any of the blood-shed traps, mutilated body or dangling organs. I am not a horror movie fan, nor I am now, after watching the franchise. I remembered watching Child's Play when I was young and I am still horrified even until today.

Like the infamous line in Saw, 'one must make sacrifice in order to get to something'. I needed inspirations for an upcoming project. Hence putting myself into this pain to finish the franchise. Saw is a brilliant franchise. Its intertwined series of events and interrelated characters form a very interesting plot. The smart techniques of timeline manipulation and frequent use of flashbacks fool me and my companion every single film without fail.  The consistency of the film structure and the hidden tips in each tape contributed to its brilliancy. And of course, including the infamous traps which I skipped or watched through the small gap of my fingers, aiming to 'educate' the 'players' to appreciate their lives.

I got to agree with the intention of John's, the mastermind of the traps. People are unappreciative towards their lives. We think that we have it all and we take things for granted, myself included. I played with risks and put myself in unnecessary situations. I have a 'perfect' pathway laid in front of me but I want to take the road less and difficult travelled. I do ask myself  why and what I am trying to prove.

Other than that, I feel Saw brings a lot of other moral lessons despite the traps being inhumane and immoral. Examples include, be forgiveable, coordinate, don't lie, don't cheat, don't do drugs, don't take advantage of other people, don't be racist and more. The traps inflict pain into themselves or other people, physically and/or mentally as a form of rebirth. That punishment is probably too harsh and too painful. I do believe in karma, and I do believe that karma will do its job.

The traps in Saw reveal a lot of human imperfections. 'How much blood will you shed in order to survive' or 'What will you sacrifice in order to live' or the most familiar of all 'Live or Die. Make your Choice', will often lead the 'players' into performing some grisly acts. I find self-inflicted pains are tolerable to watch but not when pain is inflicted upon someone else, either with an automated machine or a sudden death between 'players'.

The franchise has indeed inspired an upcoming project, which idea started all the way back in October 2014. If this project works, it'd be another dream come true where it is something I've always wanted to try. But this time, with much more content-controlled and self-disciplined I hope. We will see how things go.

Now that I finished 7 Saw films in 4 weekends, what should I anticipate next? I find myself reading the synopsis and reviews, to catchup what I have missed since 2004 for 7 years. Well, a week to focus on my Marketing course and another week of adventure before a tough two months ahead.

Wen Xin