Thursday, January 22, 2015

Less than One

So I am a fan of Wong Fu Production, not for a very long time, just probably within a year when the sad university life makes students seeing the laptop screen, probably comes first before the smartphone screen. I was having dinner and wanted to catch up with the latest Wong Fun video, and there is it.

It is a very short film but it is very interesting, it talks about the probability of find a soul mate or someone perfect. It turns out it was 0.53 person for the girl. The creator of the video also created a website for people (like me) to find the probability of someone 'perfect'. 

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Just to clarify, looks matter but it doesn't matter the most. It doesn't even come second. But look is the physical trait that tell you something. Not so much on the facial look, but the overall physique, on how one carries himself.  

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Not a second thought about this rating.

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Yes but it doesn't have to be entirely the same.

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I was expecting a figure below 2. Because so far, I have only met 2 which are potentially 'perfect'. Thinking about them will always put a smile on my face. The smile will eventually retract after awhile, because they are gone. 

Just finding this website interesting, the figure is highly hypothetical and it doesn't truly mean anything. I have a friend who does not believe in soul mate at all. Do I? 

I do,
Wen Xin