Friday, January 9, 2015


I was supposed to catch them, 2cellos last May, but I was too tight up with studies and things that I *ahem* was not supposed to lay my hands on. I looked down in disappointment and thought that I had missed one of my favourite artists. 

Well, truth is, they return to Australia in less than a year and I caught up with them, without a single hesitation or second thought. The concert started 40 minutes late, we were warmed up with 4 slow songs. The crowd, consisted mainly working class and family, dressed in formal and semi-formal. The Canberran crowd took long to warm up with the funny cellist, Stjepan Hauser reminding us that 'this is not a classical concert'.

Right from the start, I looked at them in awe. I had never seen that much passion, intensity and emotions in performance. Thoughts filled my mind, I was asking myself if I have that much passion in thing(s) I do, or if I can ever have enough passion for the thing(s) I want to do. I asked if I want to focus all my strength in doing great in one thing or I want to do good in multiple things. I have already had an answer for this long time ago. But once awhile, 'What Ifs' popped up.

The joker of the duo, Stjepan Hauser. Head banging, hair flicking, and flirty. The rocker certainly revolutionizes the traditional way of playing and holding cello. 

I think I have fallen in love. Luka Šulić, whom I admire his emotion attachment when he plays. Even though I am 18 rows away from the stage, I can feel his passion in every note he plays.

The best concert I had ever been to, the hall's lights effect were great, the drummer Dušan Kranjc is a great complement to the duo when they switched to electric cello in just a flick. I was smiling throughout the night, and hoping this will be part of the inspiration for 2015.

Thank you 2cellos, for making it a great night.

Wen Xin