Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Elephant Man

In April this year, I was aspired to make a short film revolving on the theme 'Lost'. I had two friends to join in and we had three chapters in total. Sadly, I could not bring myself to edit my own chapter, to see my own face on the software. Conclusion is, acting and editing aren't easy at all.

In my chapter, I was dealing with 'lost' in life, wandering with no absolute direction. I needed to cry and went on to Youtube to search for the saddest movie scene ever. That was where I stumbled across this movie, The Elephant Man.

That train scene was inked in my mind. Soon after I read the true story on Wikipedia, I had been wanting to watch it ever since. As expected, it was inspiring and worth watching.  

Right from the start, the movie shows so many flaws of the society. The social problems that make society ugly. One of the quote I remembered very clearly from my Sociology tutor is 'society is in you, society is in us'. We judge the book by its cover, we judge people by their appearance, we measure people by how decorative their resumes are.

A couple of quotes that sent me to the reflective zone: 

'Am I a good man or a bad man?'

'Good luck my friend, who need it more than we?'

'I am not an animal. I am not an animal. I am a human being. I am a man.'

'Don't worry about me. I am happy every hour of the day. My life is full because I know I am loved.'

John Merrick, the Elephant Man is a man with innocence and kindness, intelligence and sensitivity. While the ending did not show his death, it was the scene where he attempted to sleep like a normal human being, and on the true story, he died. 

Interestingly, while I was searching the hashtag of The Elephant Man on twitter, a Broadway production featuring Bradley Cooper is currently showing. 

The Elephant Man is one of those movies that criticises the society imperfection. While society is constructed by us, we are the ones that contribute to the flaws. I am nowhere near a good or great human being, this movie got me into reflecting, an usual thing when the year is ending.

While I can go on to criticise the society and myself, I simply got lost of words. Perhaps I am disgusted by how those characters are in the movie, or I am disgusted by myself. So much more to learn and to fix, but I am all hopeful for a good change and rebound. 

Hope everyone is doing alright.

Wen Xin