Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Pre-Exam Symptoms

Three semesters later and this is where I am every semester: exams in a week time, not prepared and not even stressing about it. Bravo for the confidence, I am so screwed with my destiny lies with the double figures published on early December. 

A couple of interesting things happen during this period of time:

1. I will be listing to-dos for the winter/summer. Plans which are so more exciting, interesting and extensive than my lecture notes. I always have so many to-dos that I couldn't finish them all.

2. My odd sleeping habits and hours. During the first semester, I fell asleep with the lights on at 9pm right after dinner.  Second semester, I survived on a 15 minutes power nap every day and I proudly announced that my power nap was becoming very powerful. That was when I trained my 7-8am body clock regardless of what time I hit the bed. Third semester, I have a nap at 2-3pm every day, with my tummy filled with lunch. Healthy much? It's 2.45pm and I am feeling very sleepy.

3. I go on Facebook fast and develop an urge to create an account on other social media. Second semester was Twitter, now with Instagram which I decided my lifeless life should not continue. Hence, I am good with Blogger. This blog has been a place I write on my feelings. Hence, when my feelings overpower my study urge, as always, I blog.

4. I finally know what my courses are all about and why don't I discover this earlier? Well, this semester is the worst of all. I have 6 days to go with 4 exams in the next 6 days. Cramming is never my thing but I guess I have to cram 3 courses in my heart and soul.

5. I do have some awesome batch cooking skills. The cooking skills deteriorate this semester, I don't think I have ever eaten such badly-cooked food in my life. It's funny that I just had a Food Project during winter. But now I am loving myself more, Pasta Carbonara, Yang-Zhou fried rice and Mee Goreng next.

6. Opportunities always knock at this time, with internships. It is difficult to hold the temptation, knowing that I really shouldn't sign up for this 9-5 job. It is interesting how when one door closes, another door really does open. Another discovery today has given me a confidence boost and a much-needed push. My thoughts became clearer today too, where I can work around things by being flexible and looking it at an optimistic side. Thank God for making this happen.

7. I pray more often. God, just one last miracle for the year.

Thank You.

Wen Xin