Friday, September 12, 2014

To the Moon and Back

Under the shining moonlight, we were walking towards the city for an impromptu dinner. Fate brought us together for the second time in five years. You embodied both charming and cool in one. We talked about friendship, relationship, academics and life. The dessert platter we shared and the hot chocolate we drank accompanied the two hours we had.

It was comfortable and relaxing, where I made a couple of unexpected confessions; both are guilty, secretive and highly personal. It was the night of mid-autumn festival, same lanterns, same moon, same place; but things were so different as the year before.

Different companion, where people come and go. Different friendships, when you learn further about them. Different mindset, with what you learn from your work and life. Different world, where wars and disasters flood the daily news.

Listening to Savage Garden's To the Moon and Back while writing this, so would you be my baby?

Wen Xin