Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Words in the Black Ink

I wrote this short poem on the 23rd August. I remembered it was another aimless Friday evening where I just came back from a fruitless task with a friend. We were walking around campus and asking around to try our luck. Now at three weeks later, I still have not followed up with the task. Once again, if Procrastination is a nation, I am the Queen.

Back to this poem, well it wasn't a poem; it was telling 10 stories I had, or rather 10 feelings I had at that very moment. It was not difficult to come out with when you were inspired or in the mood. I guess I shall take explain about it, even though I know what every single character means.

My grandmother has her mood swings occasionally, and she will ask 'If people were to die, why being born at the first place?' I answer, 'it's Destiny'. This phrase captures what she or myself thinks.

一路坎坷,已心如止水; I am tired of fighting, knowing that I'd still need to fight to get to where I want to be. I am not giving up, but it is exhausting to keep up with the dreams and wants.

人性险恶,乃走火入魔; Looking at the current affairs, home or foreign; people are blinded by power and evilness. Being a bad person is so much easier to be a good person.

Looking at people around me, colleagues or acquaintance; it is despicable on how one will manipulate for their personal agenda.

Looking at what I've signed up, I don't mind doing extra. But I would appreciate it if you make it easier for me by being decisive, at least a Yes or a No.

Friendships are very much like a relationship. You need time and effort from both ends to make it work. It was disappointing when a friendship fades unexpectedly. What's left is nothing but memories.

A one-sided forbidden crush, where I couldn't afford the risk and drama, not at this critical moment. It's heartbreaking to let go, but if it's meant to be, it will be.

I hope the loved ones are doing well at home.

A life changing deed will take years to repay. Until then, I am obliged to play their rules to stay in the game.

On how am I tackling the 9 stories above? With the principles of staying true to one self.

Wen Xin