Sunday, September 7, 2014

20 Facts about Myself

1. I am picky but not fussy when it comes to food. It is better to ask me the number of food I eat. But I don't mind eating food I didn't like, I just need to shut one eye, or two.

2. I turned semi vegetarian in April 2012 after a dining experience. It was a good gathering but it changed my life. I never look at meat and animal the same way as before.

3. I had a huge crush on Cristiano Ronaldo for a good 3-4 years when I was 12. He was a huge source of inspiration and I cried once when my family members insulted him.

4. I currently own 21 shoes in Canberra and probably more than 10 shoes in Malaysia.

5. I have been baking since I was 12. It all started with my mom's weekly baking until I took over. I don't bake often recently, but if I do bake, it must be for some special occasions.

6. I can never play team sports, because I am never good enough and am very conscious under the watchful eyes of team members and spectators.

7. The food that will make me cheat on the vegetarian diet would be chicken.

8. I have been working out consistently for the fifth year and I am loving every single minute of it. It's the only time where I don't think.

9. I own 4 musical instruments. Mastered 1 of them, self learned and abandoned 3 of them.

10. My first best friend is Vicky from kindergarten. She has straight hair with a pony tail, thin and slim figure. I was jealous of her.

11. I have a pair of very tiny hands. I was called 'Baby Hand' by a friend in high school. Reaching an octave on a piano and holding chords in guitar are huge pains.

12. I believe in numerology and Feng Shui for I believe everything happens for a reason and can be explained.

13. I talk to myself occasionally/frequently and I know I am not the only one.

14. My body clock sets at 7-8am, no matter what time I sleep.

15. I used to hate my natural curls. Now I learn to embrace it but I still straighten it whenever I go out for events/parties.

16. I wish to know a bit of every single thing instead of specialising. But I am still a confused child in this.

17. I first learn how to ride a motorcycle with a cruiser, I felt like the coolest rider ever. But I have phobia in cycling or riding a bike, for I fell once as a patron when I was 12.

18. I like to plan and organise things but I am a bad follower, for my planning is unrealistic and ambitious.

19. I had been to 10 concerts and I feel too old for concerts these days. I simply don't have the energy.

20. I am a Malaysian and I miss home dearly.

I did not get a tag but for some reason I want to do this tag. I tag friends who are reading this, I know there are a handful of you. Share with me 20 facts about yourself, in any form will do. Blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Leave me a link with your post, for I would love to know more about you, old or even friends who aren't close.

Wen Xin