Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Gone is the cycles, virality is the new trend these days. In recent years, we do see a viral trend comes in once awhile and takes the social medias by storm.

The most recent viral trend, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is for a great way to spread awareness as I wasn't aware of this hugely horrifying disease before. It all started with the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg whom I first watched. He then tagged Bill Gates who can afford a creative challenge reply. The trend went on and spread wildly to celebrities, athletics, and general public.

I watched a touching video of a confession of victim where ALS runs in his blood. Shortly after that video, I made a donation. The Ice Bucket Challenge made an instantaneous impact, short yet powerful, simple yet successful. My sincere prayers to the ALS research team to solve this disease, for the victims deserve no further pain.

However, I wish the impact wasn't temporary or people doing it for the sake of joining the bandwagon. The world needs to understand that ALS is not the only cause that needs attention and awareness. Pouring icy cold water probably is not even 1/100 of what the patients are feeling. To understand how one feels, it is probably more practical to volunteer for a cause to understand and help the cause.

Thinking back about other viralities, The Harlem Shake came into mind. It was probably a year ago where groups of people make a short dance video of The Harlem Shake. The 30 seconds video spread from group of friends, to offices and to universities. The Harlem Shake was fun, but other than fun, there is probably no meaning behind it. After a year, it was forgotten.

I have a habit of commemorate something in the form of anything. Recent years, I take photos of bits of pieces of my life and uploaded it on Facebook. To me, it reminds me of what I have done, with whom and where I was at that point of time. In 2012, I jot down 366 moods into a line graph, just to see how I fared for the year. Well, like all years, a roller coaster ride.

The next viral video is not difficult: Giyomi which was downright annoying. I have nothing to elaborate on this.

As a firm believer of Symbolic Interactionism, I attach meaning to almost every single thing. It does drive me crazy sometime, but what I do hope for from the viral trend of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, do seek to understand the meaning behind the challenge and be sincere about it. And also, to remember it and probably to remind yourself that you are one of the lucky bunch who should help the unfortunate not just through this viral trend, but on other platforms and with larger scale of commitment.

Wen Xin