Saturday, August 2, 2014

My First Love

I am not sure what went into me but I feel like writing recently, which I wish it could be studying instead. Someone told me during an event, 'if you don't feel like studying, don't, do something else which relaxes you'.

So I went on to Youtube, got on to DavidSoComedy channel and started watching 'My First Love', well his First Love. And that inspires this blog post. I am going to write about my first love. Even though I remembered every single moment of it clearly, I guess nothing is better than putting it into words.

I was probably 1.2 metres tall, carrying 5 textbooks each day, wearing red tie on a blue collar shirt. I was probably 9 years old or 10. We were at the same grade, same class and the same school bus. I didn't know how it started, but we got close with the rides back home. Teasing, bullying, messing around. We both knew we had a thing for each other, but what would 9 or 10 year old kids do at that point?

Soon, he stopped taking the bus home, that was when he started writing me notes with his messy writing on the blue piece of paper. He passed me the note in class, asked me to sit at the last row of the bus, then he would come and bid me farewell. It progressed where he would leave the note on the last row of the bus. I made my way through the end of the bus to retrieve it. The bus would make a loop, passing by the school gate. He would wait there patiently until my bus arrived, and ran 100m while the bus made its way. I remembered signalling him not to run, because I was afraid that he would fall.

While you may argue that this isn't love, well it's puppy love, we never develop the relationship. I moved on crushing on another guy but I believed it remained with him, until we were 12. I was smiling all the way while writing this, we still keep in touch until today. One thing I hated, I threw the notes away after collecting it for awhile.

Wen Xin