Friday, August 8, 2014


It was a spontaneous urge to call up two friends to catch this movie on a weekday. I like how big movies start to feature female protagonist.

One question popped into my mind immediately when the credit rolls, how big is the capacity of the pendrive? The biggest byte I know is Terabyte, but of course, with only much less than 10% of my brain capacity being explored, Terabyte ain't the biggest. The pendrive which contains every knowledge that a brain can fully explored, will probably be millions or billions of yotabyte. 

The truth is, Lucy left me hanging there. It has a different cinematic experience, somehow like a scientific documentary, added with action and drama. There is something lacking in Lucy, where it didn't manage to intelligently fool the cinema-goers. I felt like the movie has just started when it ended. 

What if you know more things as usual? Lucy takes it well, frighteningly calm. I remembered in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, when granted her wish to know everything in the world, Irina Spalko simply couldn't take the overloaded mind. Similarity between Lucy and Spalko, they both disintegrate into space, time and/or dimension.

I am not sure I am using my brain at how many percent, but I know I am not using it at the fullest of the 10% a normal person uses. I want to know more things, I question how and why knowledge is created. But the more I know, the scarier things become. Because there is when you find out your thoughts are innocently stupid. And there is when I confuse myself what is right what is wrong. Perhaps there isn't right or wrong, but rather what you believe in.

So, Lucy or Professor Norman, mind sharing me the content of the pendrive? I guess Skydrive wouldn't work, so I will meet you in Paris in 12 hours.

To Paris with Love,
Wen Xin