Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It was the first birthday in a foreign country, without the family and the gathering of my girlfriends.Celebrations on the previous years had been elaborated, but 21 should be the last elaborated birthday I had. Two things remained were the annual iconoclasm of not using Facebook and doing the things I liked on this special day of mine. 

Though a small part of me suspected and expected some sort of surprise, I had two wishes for this year's birthday. I wanted to spend it in Canberra and I wanted it be small. I woke up when the morning sunlight pervaded my room and was surprised by a text. After whispering Happy Birthday to myself, a 40 minutes yoga flagged off the day. Interestingly, a skype call followed suit. A 90 minutes chat reminded me how much I missed this dearest friend who was thousand miles away.

Hit the mall with no companion, and allowed myself to go wherever I want and spent as much time as I wanted. Was mainly shopping for an upcoming project and some good deals on sale for myself. Thinking back of how the first half of the year has evolved, I smiled primly at why I put myself through pain and tears. But when I looked back, the pain and tears weren't so much of the focus, but on how fulfilling it was. While Nike had well advertised, I risked everything, everything I had. I did wonder if the stronghold of righteousness was worth it after all. But the sense of appeasement had proven that the intuition was worth following after all even though a couple of priorities are at stakes. 

I wandered around the mall and got the items I needed. I journeyed home and immersed in a 30 minutes of gym workout, one of the few moments I can get my mind shut from thoughts. I came back to two dear friends who pampered me like a queen with scrumptious dinner and heavenly desserts. Watched a light-hearted movie and called it a day.

The annual notes of appreciation go to:
  • The dearest family members, I miss all of you dearly.
  • Mun Nyee and Shao Qi who spent so much time and effort in making the day extra special.
  • Joanne for the skype call and being the good friend one could ever ask for.
  • The 10 friends who wished me via text and Whatsapp, for these wishes had added some personal touches to the day since Facebook was off-bound.
  • The 69 friends who took time to post the wishes and pictures on Facebook.
I am grateful for the people around me and for how things had worked out from July 2013 to now. Thanks to all of you. Here's to a great second half of the year where dreams and projects take place.

Wen Xin