Sunday, May 11, 2014

Roller Coaster

After a roller-coaster week of emotions, I came to the finale with empty and weird feelings. Perhaps it is the disappointment that I didn't manage to establish my objectives clearly, things are not working the way I picture. I was awaken on Saturday night, where I truly realised, people don't get the true reason and meaning behind things. Perhaps I was too naive or stupid. Lesson learnt, you can't exactly tell someone the approach or the aim, but rather, show them and hope they realise as the time goes. Maybe I thought, coming this far from home, things are different.  

I am not sure if this turbulence was worth the pain of four days and risk affecting the three major things on next week. But what I learn at least, is to place the right approach and not expecting too much. The personal goals, stay closely within. Funny how things have evolved. If it takes this four days to make it realise something, God, please make the next four days a miracle.

Wen Xin