Monday, March 31, 2014

Behind Drink Me Up Hearties

Not exactly the favourite franchise but Pirates of the Caribbean was a big commercial success with its production, notably with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, actor Johnny Depp and composer Hans Zimmer. I personally fall in love with the visual effects and the soundtrack, other than admiring the love between Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley).

I've always been keen on movie soundtracks. It can make or break a production. I've since downloaded the soundtrack scores for the first and third movie, Black Pearl and At World's End. Playing them at my leisure time or frustrating point, I am not sure if my family members and neighbours are sick of it. 

I started recording some songs and posted on Facebook in 2010.and the last one was in early 2013. A huge part of me always wanted to record a song from one of my favourite soundtracks. 'Drink Me Up Hearties' is my 13th cover, I wasn't creative when it comes to arranging it to style (I don't have a musical style anyway). However, I did compose a short 20 seconds for the score. 

The mini production was quite fun to work on. I annoyed my brothers so much by practising it for a week. I had probably more than 50 recordings takes in 2 days to get a perfect recording. There were still flaws in the one I settled with. But it is probably the best I could come out with, considered I don't have talent in piano, but merely an interest.

Recorded on 19th January 2014, the reason it took more than 2 months to create a simple and boring video for it is because I wanted a video visualization effect on it, but I couldn't get a good one for free. If only I am better in technology, I could make something better. All in all, the video is good enough and I am happy child. One little resolution is ticked off.

Drink Me Up Hearties Yo Ho,
Wen Xin