Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Little Things that are Different from Before

Some little things I noticed upon returning to Homeland after 4 months:

1. I couldn't recognise my mother and my brothers. They have grown, yes mother included.

2. The kitchen and toilet sinks are placed so low that I need to bend down when washing the dishes and cleaning up myself. I have never realised that before.

3. The switch of the lights are no longer at the chest level, which I automatically went for it on my first few days. It's at the head level, where a primary school kid will need to jump to on the lights, which I did.

4. My love for city in general, has become lesser. And I have always thought I couldn't survive if I don't live in a city. I realised this when I was in Sydney, I can no longer tolerate with the crowd, the traffic, the noise, and how the city becomes frantic during a downpour.

5. It was nice seeing some of the familiar faces, catching up with people I used to spend time with. Some I have missed quite a big part of, some seems indifferent since I left, some acquaintances whom I never thought of associate with ending up with a casual conversation, some are so indulged in talking about themselves.

6. I need to shake more hands.

7. I am feeling tired and lazy all the time. And it bothers me.

8. The thought of having a family around, takes away the independence in me. There isn't a need to cook, to do the laundry, to clean the house, to drink more water, to eat fruits, etc. Still a mommy's girl I supposed.

9. Things are pretty much the same as I left, it felt like I didn't leave, or it was just a short 4 months holidays.

10. I miss Canberra, a whole lot.

Wen Xin