Monday, May 6, 2013

The Aftermath of a Political Tsunami

Malaysians have certainly knew better of what has happened. I am a sceptic when it comes to theories and assumptions because there is often no primary source to refer to and a good-enough expertise to provide information. But I do stand in the boat of the obvious, things have certainly gone wrong and it hails as a disappointment to most people.

Facebook profile pictures have gone black. The bandwagon is a spread of the people's disappointment and anger towards the 'magic trick'. At one moment, when victory is almost certain but to be halted by dramatic occurrences which will most likely not to be reactified. Frustrations and rants were taken to the social media sites, which are totally understandable. Emotions are deeply affected and I was driving with a pretty foul mood.

The loss of 5th of May is not in vain. People are now awake, not all but most. More issues are being the talks in town, not all good but better than to be concealed. More youth voices are triggered, not well-presented but encouraging. Politicians comments are on the air, saddening to read some but certainly one of the best indicator to see the true colours of theirs.

5th of May is a mark on Malaysia's history and an event not to be forgotten in most Malaysian's mind. Though I couldn't contribute on this 13th general election, but I am inspired. I believe 'inspired' can be replaced by 'angry', 'betrayed', 'saddened', '*fill-in-the-blank*'.

I am not sure how far will I go in this venture, but I vow to do my part with my utmost effort in the future undertakings in deciding Malaysia's future, fate and destiny. I believe education is the key, that is what I can do at most least in these 5 years, to educate myself with political affairs, to brush up the analytical and critical skills, to equip myself with skills that could make a difference in any way, and not to be afraid to see this ugly world with my eyes.

I am a firm believer in karma. Though I have not in the position to judge or say who, what, where, when and how has gone wrong, but I believe karma will strike those who manipulate their ways all the while. God bless Malaysia, God bless humanity, God bless the world.

Wen Xin