Thursday, April 11, 2013

See the Light

Before 2013, I read a numerology article on my number (8th), 17 was an important age, the next is 26. Somehow I don't know how thoughts evolve, I always thought my next life-changing age is 21. In the beginning of 2013, the year I will be turning 21, it started with a hope. The journey wasn't easy as I dealt with failures and adventures, heartbreaks and despair.

Recalling what happenned in January till now, the journey has not been easy. A mere 4 months, it is life-changing, the biggest miracle, EVER. My friend asked me what religion do I believe in. I said I am a free thinker, but I do believe in existence of God, just God is not specific. The past few days, my mind is thinking of 'if God were to grant you a wish come true, what wish will it be?'

I will say 'God has given me enough, in fact too much, I have all I ever wanted already'.

Today, I'm telling myself, if God give you a huge miracle this year, you have 20 more days to produce another miracle. Oh God, there are reasons for me to not continue fighting, but this is my nature, I will have to persevere. At the edge of hopeless, You turn my life upside down and give me the best 21st birthday gift ever. Now, I am asking you once more, bless me as I work on another miracle. It might not turn out beautiful but it is a war, worth fighting for.

Thank you,
Wen Xin