Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ole Ole Man Utd

Refreshed my memory back to 19th July 2009, with my own eyes, I saw the Manchester United squad for the first time. Missing my man, Cristiano Ronaldo, but the festive atmosphere was unforgettable.

I was in Singapore on 13th May 2012, travelled alone for the first time to the Red Dot Island. With a sore feet after walking for whole day, I saw the Manchester United merchandise shop along the City Hall tunnel. Ironically that day was the deciding day of the title between the Manchester rivals. Manchester City cruelly snatched the title from United with 2 goals in a 5 minutes rebound from City. It was heart wrenching for a fan.

Recent years, I don't find myself watching matches, I used to watch my team play. But now, I am just a follower, not even an avid one, just read up news on wins or losses, who in and out of the transfer market. But once a fan, always a fan. It is difficult to forget the history of this team who was so huge in my teens.

23rd April 2013, on my first anniversary of becoming a semi vegetarian, they clinched their 20th title, in great style. A hat trick from Robin van Persie, who came from another great team, Arsenal; no doubt was the man of the match. I have always linked myself with happenings around me, to search a meaning of my happening with the surroundings.

Last year I told myself, if Manchester United win the title, I will able to realise my dream. As all know, it didn't happen. I was left devastated, upset and in immense pain, not for the loss of the team, but my inability to make the dream come true.

This year, I didn't foresee or predict anything like last year. But things prove to me that miracle does happen, and some miracle is life-changing. I have around 7 more days to my flag off of my finals. Come to think of it, it is rather insignificant to study for it. I failed my mocks again, second time in 5 months. It was quite a blow, considered I was confident despite only grasping the syllabus within this 1.5 months with distractions and commitments.

I wasn't upset, at all, just thought I could do better. With Manchester United winning, it is even more faith-restoring and hope-reassuring. Though there is sort of no point studying for finals, but there is always something worth fighting for. It was my worst performance but definitely not a bad mentality. I am still positive of the outcome, knowing a lot of work needed to be done in these 7 days.

I know I would be able to turn things up, and prove to those eyes which doubt me, those who are forecasting a fail in me. I know I am opting for a difficult and stupid route, but with God's bless, I will be able to do it. Life is gonna change soon, it is. And this has to be part of this. Congrats to the Manchester United and fans around the world who rejoice in this victory. May their title can inspire me well to the end of this first year journey. I might not be able to continue the whole journey, but at least end my 1/3 with a bang.

Wen Xin