Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life in an hour.

This was supposed to be updated last week. Summarising a life-changing week so far in 1 hour of cardio workout:

Sometimes I wonder do I know what's that worth, still aren't sure if 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth'. We wish 'We Found Love' in a hopeless place, and try to make it a 'Summer Of Love'.

Sometimes people labelled you as loser, look down on you, deceive you with words, you 'Bounce' back to be a 'Winner'.You wouldn't know when a 'Grenade' is thrown, all you can is to push it to the limit while you can.

'Starships' are meant to fly, dreams are meant to lift you 'Higher' off the ground. 'All You Deejays' turn the beat on as you write life as the music score.

'Yeah Yeah Yeah', quite an interesting life so far, 'Good Life' indeed.

It was the right catalyst last week to get pumped for the trials, with the right music, mood, energy and form. I wasn't planning to go at first, thought of staying at home to study. But something triggered me to go. Things are at God's will. If it's yours, it's yours, a lesson I learned this week.