Friday, January 11, 2013

The First One is the Worst One

Recalling the scenery overlooking Damansara,
You utter something I never heard.
Knowing the harsh truth of the failure,
But is the end product truly reflects who I am?

Trying to hold but it can't stop,
Dying to leave but I can't give up.
A huge miracle revives an old dream,
A dream I don't even know of its validity.

My eyes hurt with dropping tears,
Enduring a pain I truly deserve.
Asked God why the prolonged joke,
Because You make me the weirdest bloke.

Things aren't right when it starts,
Fixing it but happenings are too much.
I said this time I will never make,
But all you say is I am fake.

A second chance for a better ten,
Only if I can ignore and pretend.
I don't even know if I want that,
Am I doing it for the sake of them?

Nothing else more I shall care,
Because 14th is the truth and dare.
I dreamed a dream as time gone by,
But it might be a dream that has said goodbye.

Well said by Boys Like Girls,
Well done by a little girl.
The first one is the worst one,
When it comes to a broken heart.