Thursday, January 24, 2013

How is More Salt Better than More Rice?

The chinese saying goes, 'adults eat more salt than kids eat rice'. Somehow, I thought adults are supposed to be much more responsible and rational, because they have more life experiences than us. Recent examples show that I am wrong. Maybe the overconsumption of salt has some effects on them.

Don't get me wrong, I have my utmost respect for most adults. They have gone through my current stage, harder and longer. I look up to them for inspirations from them, of their doings. Hopeful to learn a couple of thing, but somehow the don'ts are pretty much disappointing.

An adult is supposingly to treat the younger generation in a way to educate and guide them. But all I see, is adults have a huge egoism which carries a barrier to communicate with younger generation. I shall not quote the 4 examples I encountered, but dear adults, don't be a joke in front of the young people.

If an adult refuses to give a damn towards the younger generation by adapting the rapid change, not only relationships can be strained, it creates a side effect in the growth.

If an adult does not acknowledge a young generation's views or opinions, don't insult but improve or instill.

If an adult refuses to provide assistance, just say 'No', rather than jeopardising future undertaking.

If an adult thinks the younger generation's quality is deteriorating, focus on the solution but not criticising the problem, and do think, who cause it?

If an adult has no solution or no say in things, do encourage but not dishearten.

If you break hope, you break life,
Wen Xin