Sunday, January 13, 2013

Confession of a Desperado

This is a confession I wrote for 21st December 2012. If the world really ends, this shall be my last words to some people.

To you,
whom I see once a week,
you never fail to make my day.
I believe there is fate,
or at least, there was.

To you,
whom I thought was special,
I hate how things were hot and cold.
I thought there is something going on,
but my presence is actually, insignificant.

To you,
whom I thought a changing point of life,
perhaps time isn't on our side.
You came too early, I joined too late.
All the best in life,
I see you with a bright future ahead.

To you,
whom I hail as my Superman,
I thought things aren't gonna work out.
But I have no choice but to carry on,
eventhough you don't give a damn.

To you,
whom I said I will not be you,
thank you for being a role model,
for your insights and experience.

To you,
whom is thousand miles away,
I miss you dearly,
thanks for being there when I need someone to talk to.

To you,
whom is my new-found Darling,
thank you for being one of the craziest friend,
making me feel comfortable and be crazy with.

To you,
whom must be the most controversial person I met,
thank you for the perspective,
for you have shown me,
types of people I should beware of.

To you,
whom seem to have everything you want,
it is time to grow up and be responsible.
I have no say in your life,
but do understand people are building lives.

To you,
whom can't seem to stop swearing,
I hope you stop downgrading yourself as a person.
There's nothing wrong in vulgar expression,
but some times, words do break things.

To you,
whom leaves out all your primary socialisation,
do remember who sticks with your high and low.
Learn to prioritise know which is important.

To you,
whom are leading your own life,
stay strong when life really sucks.
Continue your journey of enlightenment,
but not to lose yourself in the process.
Continue your pursuit of dreams,
but not to lose your principles in the process.

Wen Xin