Friday, December 28, 2012

That One Night in Bangkok

I bidded farewell to my companion and left for Central World. It was supposed to be named the World Trade Centre of Bangkok, but the name was changed because of the 911 incident. The mall may seemed like the Pavilion of Malaysia, but the Food Loft was nothing like Food Junction. The price might be the same, but it was of higher class. Wearing a basic pink chiffon top, a Dorothy Perkins jeans shorts and an Everlast slip on, I felt underdressed.

Carried on to the skywalk along the street, there was the Siam Square Street Fiesta, with various Thai street food. While I was walking alone on the street, I saw this beggar. A acid-disfigured man, with his head tilted up looking at passerbys who didn't seem to notice him. He had only one eye, and that eye was not even normal-looking because of the disfigurement.

Once a while, mom told me there was a syndicate who controlled them. They were caught from their country of origin, disfigured or amputated, given poor medical treatment, put on the street on the day and put in a cage in the night. Such an irony when they were placed right across Siam Paragon and those high-ended malls with those well-dressed and high class people hanged out, while across the street, there were people who suffered.

Toughen up and acted like a heartless passerby, I continued my journey to MBK Centre. What I realised was, Bangkok was not much a difference to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. All were developed, with same kind of malls and brands, walk around with the same railway transit and taxi drivers who marked up fares for profit maximisation. Was there really no genuinity in this world? That one night in Bangkok should have lasted longer. That one night in Bangkok should have been more nights.

God have His plans for me. Overseeing the view of Millenium Hilton, Sheraton and Shangri-La, He showed me fireworks, to remind me of there was still a beautiful scene among the uglies. Upon the arrival in the homeland, He showed my rainbow, to restore my faith in a hopeless place. I am quite tired of falling down and picking myself up. If Sleeping Beauty has a choice, she would prefer if Prince Charming didn't kiss her and wake her up from her sweet dream.

P.S. I did have a sweet dream, do you really have a brother who look exactly like you?

Wen Xin