Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Foodstagram & Facefood

Embracing the Asian culture, capturing images of food has becoming a social norm in the Malaysian youth. When a waiter presents you the perfect-cooked and well-decorated meal, the ever-ready smartphone is there to take a picture. It is like a prayer before eating. When I asked, done? I started my meal and my friends uploaded their photos to Facebook or Instagram instantly with the 3G or WIFI.

Funny, I feel like Instagram has become Foodstagram and Facebook has become Facefood, or Foodbook, whichever you prefer. Users shared their virtual meals online, often garners likes and comments. It has done the dining place a huge favour of free marketing promotion. In return, it promotes the culture of dining in places which offer Foodstagram/Facefood-quality fod where price is not that reasonable or affordable to majority.

Youth these days are moving towards materialistic capitalism, thanks Karl Marx for the big word. They are spending at about MYR20 for a good meal and having Starbucks as yum-cha session. A Starbucks barista has to work 4 hours for a MYR20 meal and 2.5 hours for a cup of Starbucks. Erm, wait, a Starbucks barista is entitled for unlimited Starbucks by the way. A basic blue collar foreign worker is getting MYR26 for a day. And my Sociology tutor thinks that McDonalds McValue meal of MYR6 is expensive.

Unfortunately, Foodstagram and Facefood have promoted better dining among youth. Sharing is the main idea of Foodstagram and Facefood, there is element of showing off indirectly. It shows your status and your personality. Me myself, somehow addicted to Facebook, God I don't know why. It is a media for me to catch up with friends and to share my humble views in forms of quotes, never a site for emotional letdown or backlash war. Blog is my personal site where I complain (occasionally) and publish my rather bad articles.

I was close to create a Twitter account. And I look at pictures of Candice Swanepoel everyday on Tumblr. She is hot. Facebook shall stay as my sole addiction. Perhaps the reason why I am sick of eating meat is, the excessive sharing of meat on my Facefood newsfood.

Wen Xin