Sunday, December 16, 2012


Never in my life I have failed an exam paper, this time however, I am prepared to fail. Amazed not, I am still relaxed despite not knowing 80% of my Economics syllabus. Received comments on 'hey you are Wen Xin, you will surely do well'. We will see. Nevertheless I am really prepared for post exam holidays and the apocalpse of 21st December.

I can't wait for my girls night, window shopping, end my movies draught, 3 consecutive hours of gym, Bangkok, 2012 reflection, and welcoming 2013. Honestly, ignore the remaining 15 days for 2012, I will have 4 months for my external exams. 4 months, sound really like a mission impossible.

Have one of the most outrageous idea on life just now. If it were to be done, it will be life changing for the next 5 years. It's either I risk it, ruin it or remain it. Maybe it is just the pre exam symptoms. Or talking to someone can make me sane.

Facebook fasting until end of exams. Or I might extend it until after Bangkok. Probably I should really stop catching up with people's exciting life when I have trouble catching up with my own lifeless life.

Had one of the sweetest dream, if only my dream can come true. At this point, probably I can't afford to have any disruption to my life anymore. The life is messy and lifeless enough. Perhaps it is time to move on. Perhaps I can just stay with some sweetness in the bitter.

Wen Xin