Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doomsday is near.

An hour journey,
Became 3 hours journey,
Second time in three days,
Been raining cats and dogs,
Station is flooded,
God is mad.
Doomsday is near.

People is ignorant,
Ignorant of the traffic system,
Red light beomes GO,
Green light becomes STOP,
Stop at the same spot,
For 30 minutes,
Doomsday is near.

Critical skills we require,
Criticising skills we develop,
Full of complaints on never ending problems,
Full of excuses on every occasion.
Doomsday is near.

Been falling a lot these 2 weeks,
Been picking up myself again and again,
The world has turned upside down frequently,
The world resumes rightside up,
The cycle goes on and on.
Doomsday is near.

Social media is disgusting,
People know everything of you,
What you eat,
Where you are,
Who you meet,
What you wear,
Where you study,
Who you date,
There's nothing private or personal.
Doomsday is near.

Physically exhausted,
Mentally drained,
Intellectually challenged,
Spiritually empty.
Doomsday is near.

Mad at things,
Mad at society,
Mad at people,
Mad at myself.
Doomsday is near.

People never stop,
System never stop,
Time never stop,
Approaching 21st December.
Doomsday is near.