Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ain't a Starbuck-er

Never fancy the idea of students spending RM15 for a cup of beverage just to study at Starbucks. Yet, you will be amazed by the number of students who can actually (afford) to study at Starbucks. For the first time, today, I went to Starbucks, for the purpose of study, since I find home no longer is a conducive study environment. Somehow, the ohm loses its spell.

I realise, it wasn't the cup of superior chocolate that inspired the study, but rather, a companion to study with. Not a discussion group, but rahter, a study buddy to keep track of revision progress. Though yes, I would need to improve the lighting at my study area. Revision works fine to me in library, in fact I love library, surrounded by books and hardworking people.

Vacancy for Study Buddy:
1. Purusing a degree
2. Daily updates and motivations
3. Oozes positive energy
4. Only positive competition
5. Plenty of library dates

At worst circumstances, imaginary study buddy is optional :(

Starbucks fired my bucks,
Wen Xin