Friday, September 7, 2012

Who's That Girl, Who's This Girl?

It has been awhile since I last read a chic lit book. It was these 2 years where I sort of stopped reading chic lit because I thought it is not sophisticated. But come to think of it, what's wrong with a little chic lit once awhile, I am a girl after all :) So I picked up this book from my shelf of books and had a rather fun and magical journey with it.

Imagine if you could meet your younger self, the tagline spiked my interest. I used to think, if only there is someone to tell me what to choose and how to tackle my pre-university course, I could have ended up differently here; if only there is someone to guide me through the darkness of life, I will be able to have my dream life. But I am so stubborn, I can't really take advice, it's only until recently, I learn to learn.

University has finally started for me, it almost feels like a resuscitation because my life has an aim again. I finally know how it feels to be in university. I came to a realisation long ago about my course, it will be really hectic and tough. But honestly, I didn't know it is THIS tough. It is only first week of lecture but it has just hit me, on the fourth day of university, that I will be going through hell.

Probably if my older self is there to meet me, like how Lottie met her thirty-year-old self, Charlotte Merryweather, my older self might laugh and tell me, 'this is nothing if compared to me now'. Besides constantly been told this is tough course, I have also been constantly reminded to have fun in university. I hope I would.

As Charlotte met her granny self, the older self told her 'life isn't complicated. It's very simple, really. It's us who make it complicated'.

It has just been four days but syllabus are piling up already. There are old things to unlearn, new things to learn; miscellaneous to settle, strategy to form; routine to set, mindset to fix; social life to sacrifice, a hectic schedule to meet.

God, if I can meet my older self in the form of anyone, please allow him/her to be enrich and enlighten me. Thank you.

Wen Xin 

PS: I am afraid if I don't blog now, I wouldn't have the chance to blog in the future :S