Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Social Medias

Social media is taking the world by storm. Recalling 4 years ago when I first signed up for Facebook (everyone around me is using except me!) (yes peer pressure you'd say), it disgusted me at that point that people know every single move you made, like every comment you wrote, every photo you like, everything.

Well not really everything 4 years ago. Look at today's Facebook, social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, 9GAG, have invaded Facebook, allowing everything of you to be exposed.
Now, you can check in where you are, upload the picture of your fancy lunch, update your latest rant on your status, share breaking news. Any of those would easily garner 'likes' and comments, which is a major turn on and good indication of your popularity. One thing I'd say, it makes ordinary people feels like a celebrity!

Years ago, people wouldn't give a damn what you have on your mind, where you go, what you eat and who are you in a relationship with. Now, with a single update, with likes and comments flooding your notifications, there are actually people who notice and care about you, in a stalker-ish way.

I say this like it is a bad thing. Oh don't get me wrong. These medias serve as a good platform for communication, or rather revolutionise the way people communicate. Whenever I dined in with my family, my brothers will have a special request to find a dining place with wifi connection. They will make me to ask for the wifi password. Alas, while waiting for our food, the family of smartphone users (except dad) are on our smartphones checking out this and that. Social media is addictive, I am trying to lessen my usage on smartphone whenever I am out with family and friends. I think it is rude to indulge on smartphones whenever you are with someone. It makes the companion feels as if his/her existence is less important than an electronic gadget.

One day, 2 girlfriends and I were hanging out in a bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang. We were supposed to have a discussion on a rather important matter, however, they were so busy checking out their phones, and I was sitting there looking, pretending to snap some pictures with my camera. There was literally no conversation for a cool 10 minutes until our meal arrived.

Each morning when I wake up, I'd check on my Facebook before newspapers or breakfast. I went to Tumblr for some fitspiration (a Tumblr term where people look up for fitness inspiration) or some celebrity crushes pictures (Miranda Kerr, Thomas Daley, Chris Mears, Andrew Garfield etc). I checked some celebrity tweets. That's a very reasonably less social medias I am using, considering I am not on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, yet.

I can't really imagine how life would be in the future with the robust change in technology. It makes life easier and a lil scarier at the same time.

Chris Mears and Thomas Daley, both have to stop being so hot,
I need to get out of Tumblr,
Wen Xin