Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apple of My Eye

This picture, taken in April 2009 :)

I was reading a list of idioms, until it came to this one, ‘apple of the eye’. It immediately brought me back to a scene a few months ago.

I was on my seat, working hard, or pretending to work hard. There was some discussion around me. So you came with apple in your hand, two apples actually. In front of me, you sang Right Now by Akon. ‘You are the apple of my eye….’ I laughed and commented, ‘juggle the apples’, which of course you didn’t do so. It was one of the sweet and fond memories we had. I knew the singing meant nothing, probably just slipped out from your mouth.

Another scene came floating in my mind, probably an awkward one. I miraculously had a golden opportunity to catch a ride in your car, just us both. I was still not sure is it really out of coincidence, out of God’s will, or what. But once, was more than enough.

We weren’t close, weren’t considered friends either. But sometimes, some people will stop by your life, and make you feel sweet and nice. And you are one of them. I am positive there is a bright future ahead of you, seeing the way you worked. You have shown me my possible position in a few years time. But ‘do I want that?’ will still be a question for now.

Thank you, my acquaintance.

Wen Xin