Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apple of My Eye

This picture, taken in April 2009 :)

I was reading a list of idioms, until it came to this one, ‘apple of the eye’. It immediately brought me back to a scene a few months ago.

I was on my seat, working hard, or pretending to work hard. There was some discussion around me. So you came with apple in your hand, two apples actually. In front of me, you sang Right Now by Akon. ‘You are the apple of my eye….’ I laughed and commented, ‘juggle the apples’, which of course you didn’t do so. It was one of the sweet and fond memories we had. I knew the singing meant nothing, probably just slipped out from your mouth.

Another scene came floating in my mind, probably an awkward one. I miraculously had a golden opportunity to catch a ride in your car, just us both. I was still not sure is it really out of coincidence, out of God’s will, or what. But once, was more than enough.

We weren’t close, weren’t considered friends either. But sometimes, some people will stop by your life, and make you feel sweet and nice. And you are one of them. I am positive there is a bright future ahead of you, seeing the way you worked. You have shown me my possible position in a few years time. But ‘do I want that?’ will still be a question for now.

Thank you, my acquaintance.

Wen Xin

Friday, August 17, 2012

Preferance and Despicable

On Wednesday night, I have just experienced a powerful lesson from an unexpected figure. All the while, she has possessed as a fierce senior, but she has shown me her view of her adulthood and insight towards life. I wished I can record down the 20 minutes chat we had.

One of the significant sharing we have is 'there is nothing right or wrong, everything is just down to personal preferance'. Similarly to what I have read about Deepak Chopra's quote, 'To be happy, you must realise this: there is no such thing as one and only one correct perspective. The best way to get what you want is to stop being right.'

This morning, the news of Arsenal FC's striker (ex-striker), Robin van Persie left Arsenal for my supporting team, Manchester United. A few of avid football friends have come on a status rant about the departure of a world class striker to the hateful team of theirs. The departure of the Dutch international certainly is a heartbreak for the Gunners fan, but must the backlash game be unleashed?

Afterall, supporting respective football club is just down to your preferance. It is most despicable when people trying to create hatred just because things are not working according to your preferance. I made it known to my friends that I am not a fan of kPop, because I think they lacked of individuality if compared to Western artists. Sometimes I can't stand the overpopular publishing on kPop from friends, that doesn't prompt me from posting nasty stuff because I respect their preferance.

All the while, there are critics about my preferance. Take supporting Manchester United for example, when asked by a new friend, she commented 'typical, typical, typical' on a cynic tone. Isn't it more typical seeing non-Man Utd fans going against a Man Utd fan?

However, I think it is at most despicable of a person is to deny one preferance and attempt to change my preferance to his/her preferance. One of the most ridiculous encounter I have was, this friend of mine questioned me being a environmentalist and to further my studies overseas. No doubt that moment was one of the downturn of the year, having those comments coming from someone I admired beforehand, is harsh and cruel.

'Do you know that bringing your own food container bring more harm to the environment than using those polystrene and plastic bag?' 'Just study locally, there is no difference studying here and overseas, you will just end up the same.' 'If you quit tomorrow without notice, that is unprofessional and your name will be barred in the industry.'

It is at most hilarious to hear that save the environment is bad. On the other side, I have heard there is no difference studying locally or overseas. If there is no difference, why are people leaving the country? The course might be the same, the lecture and tutorial might be the same. But, life in a different culture, degree in a different education system, people in a different environment, will things you learn still be the same?

Not in any ways I will question a preferance someone holds, it is their life and they can have however they want it to be. I just wish that people can actually start respect each other's like and dislike, and accept it. If things are not meant to be that way, why create hatred or negativity out of it. Leave it and shut it. You know you are standing on your ground and that is all it matters.

Wen Xin

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Social Medias

Social media is taking the world by storm. Recalling 4 years ago when I first signed up for Facebook (everyone around me is using except me!) (yes peer pressure you'd say), it disgusted me at that point that people know every single move you made, like every comment you wrote, every photo you like, everything.

Well not really everything 4 years ago. Look at today's Facebook, social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, 9GAG, have invaded Facebook, allowing everything of you to be exposed.
Now, you can check in where you are, upload the picture of your fancy lunch, update your latest rant on your status, share breaking news. Any of those would easily garner 'likes' and comments, which is a major turn on and good indication of your popularity. One thing I'd say, it makes ordinary people feels like a celebrity!

Years ago, people wouldn't give a damn what you have on your mind, where you go, what you eat and who are you in a relationship with. Now, with a single update, with likes and comments flooding your notifications, there are actually people who notice and care about you, in a stalker-ish way.

I say this like it is a bad thing. Oh don't get me wrong. These medias serve as a good platform for communication, or rather revolutionise the way people communicate. Whenever I dined in with my family, my brothers will have a special request to find a dining place with wifi connection. They will make me to ask for the wifi password. Alas, while waiting for our food, the family of smartphone users (except dad) are on our smartphones checking out this and that. Social media is addictive, I am trying to lessen my usage on smartphone whenever I am out with family and friends. I think it is rude to indulge on smartphones whenever you are with someone. It makes the companion feels as if his/her existence is less important than an electronic gadget.

One day, 2 girlfriends and I were hanging out in a bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang. We were supposed to have a discussion on a rather important matter, however, they were so busy checking out their phones, and I was sitting there looking, pretending to snap some pictures with my camera. There was literally no conversation for a cool 10 minutes until our meal arrived.

Each morning when I wake up, I'd check on my Facebook before newspapers or breakfast. I went to Tumblr for some fitspiration (a Tumblr term where people look up for fitness inspiration) or some celebrity crushes pictures (Miranda Kerr, Thomas Daley, Chris Mears, Andrew Garfield etc). I checked some celebrity tweets. That's a very reasonably less social medias I am using, considering I am not on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, yet.

I can't really imagine how life would be in the future with the robust change in technology. It makes life easier and a lil scarier at the same time.

Chris Mears and Thomas Daley, both have to stop being so hot,
I need to get out of Tumblr,
Wen Xin