Saturday, April 7, 2012

Who Moved My Cheese

Just on last Saturday, it was a random trip to MPH, which is my usual routine whenever I dine in at Great Eastern Mall. As usual, I was just looking through books on shelf. Suddenly, there is a sudden urge to search for this book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson. I have heard about this book early last year, went to check it out, it costs MYR30 for a 30 pages book. My mind settled down to ‘NO WAY!’

Back to MPH, I found the book and spent 15 minutes reading it. Heck, it’s a pretty darn good business book! I was this close to buy it but oh well, I believe there is an alternative.

The theme of the ‘Who Moved My Cheese’, rather focuses on ‘Change’. It is really a simple story of four different characters on finding the ‘Cheese’. The four little characters represent four common kinds of people in our world. Hems. Haws. Scurry. And Sniff. Each where people can relate to the character and their craving for ‘Cheese’. I would highly recommend this book, or you can ask me for a copy ;) It’s just like a fairytale or bedtime story, only more rational and logical.

Relating myself to it, I was a Hem. Funnily, I thought ‘Cheese’ will automatically be restored when I first lost it. I always think that God love me and no matter what, He will bless me through obstacles. The situation lasted for years, until I became a Haw. I started to notice that ‘Cheese’ isn’t appearing unless I go look for it. These 2 years, I see a major development in me, and now it’s developing even at a faster rate where I wanted to beg it to slow down. Now I am looking at detours and different paths which will bring me to the ‘Cheese’ that I want.

After having relationship with myself for almost 20 years, I do know there is a small part of Scurry and Sniff in me. But I believe it is a long way till I can truly become Scurry and Sniff. There are more to be done and I am still ‘Moving Along with my Cheese’ and ‘Writing on the Wall of the Maze’. It’s not a good feeling when you are walking along the maze, no idea where the new station is. But you will find your station eventually, just have a little more faith, I reassure myself, all the time.