Monday, April 2, 2012

Shut Up and Learn

  It’s funny how when I want to blog about something, there is no time. When I don’t have the time to blog, there is no topic. I want to touch on. I almost want to just blab anything that comes to my mind, but I decided not. 


Alright, recently, I find myself handling situations quite unusual. Usually, I have a say in almost everything, I feel it is important to blab out my oh-I-thought-so-professional opinions and to let people know, I have a voice. However, I start to change this attitude of mine; I opt for a nod, listen to the story, debate it in my head, absorb the good, and expose the bad.

            Surprisingly, it works quite well so far. No doubt it feels weird to not response as much as usual, but sometimes, trying to lose an argument isn’t as bad as I thought. I am quite surprise at how wonderful it actually feel for not having to prove a point. It somehow feels better than winning an argument and spitting ‘you lose’ right at their faces.

Life guru, Deepak Chopra said: ‘To be happy, you must realise this: there is no such thing as one and only one correct perspective. The best way to get what you want is to stop being right.’ That last three words, caught me for quite awhile.

            Stop being right. Stop being right? Why?! Well, I am that argumentative. I question ‘why’ in almost every statement I hear. Somehow, being too realistic, rational or logical isn’t doing any good. I usually tighten myself up, so tight that I realised my shoulders are so tense that it crunches up whenever I am typing. I need to massage my shoulders and remind myself to relax.

            I realise this sooner than later, but I have met people who can’t seem to let go. ‘You can’t argue any further about that’, a comment from C. Sometimes, is not that I can’t argue, I choose not to argue. Perspective comes from what you see and what you have been through. I absolutely cannot question people’s perspective, because I didn’t see what you see and experience what you have been through.

            Of course there are challenges for not being argumentative. What I mentioned last paragraph is one. The other one is staying true to your perspective. Obviously you would need a huge belief in yourself, stand up tall and stay strong to your point without saying it out loud. When you are listening, you are digesting what people say. There must be some sort of influence from those words. It’s about understanding the consequence of the influence and choosing the better one (not the right one, remember there is no right or wrong).

People usually thought you are weak when you don’t voice out your point. Does it matter how he/she thinks? People are sensitive towards what people thinks, the one that only matter is what you think.

            If any one of you are reading this, and feel the need to argue my point, feel free to do so. If not, why not just ignore it if it is not something you agree with? Oh well, we can’t, do we usually ignore politics and gossips? No, we create them. Same goes to an argument.