Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ouch. It stings.

Catching up with friends make me feel good, just to know how's life has been for them. Usually, it wouldn't be the whole picture of their life, some not even a half or a quarter, but at least, there is an effort of meeting up and keep the friendship flow on.

Sometimes I do feel terribly bad as a friend, because I never (perhaps seldom) make the move to keep in touch with them. But I am really grateful that my friends never give up trying to keep in touch with me.

Two gatherings from this rough week, have touched me in several ways. 'Do you have a dream?' she asked. My mind went blank, I did have, I did. But I can't see it anymore. Something within me has changed and somehow it might wouldn't lead me to the then-dream. I am still keeping faith, but it's not easy to convince yourself.

'I forgot the last time I cried', he stated. In my heart, I tried to whisper 'I forgot the last time I smiled, a genuine smile'. I kept a journal where I recorded my daily mood with smiley faces and otherwise. There are some smiley faces, but it wouldn't last till the second day, usually.

As emotional as this post may sound, no worries pal, I'm fine. Life gets difficult as it goes. It sucks, it really sucks, but it goes on.

Time for a 3-week Facebook fast, gotta find some peace and time for myself.