Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Heart of Ocean

It was indeed a dream came true. I remembered how I wish I didn't miss it in 1997, when I was 5 years old. Thanks for the 100th anniversary, I got to watch it in silver screen. Somehow I wasn't keen on watching it as soon as it was released on the 5th, not until the right moment came. Yes it was the sudden urge and the perfect timing to watch it on the 14th. 100 years ago, she met her fate and sank on its maiden voyage on the next day 2.20am. I did my research. She sank on 2.20am GMT-3. Given the location of Malaysia GMT +8, it actually happened on the 15th April, 2.20pm. So the best time to watch is 15th April 2012 noon. But I figured 15th wasn't the day where she was beautiful, 14th is the day she was the most beautiful, when she was still the ship of dreams.

Watching it in cinema, especially in 3D allows me to see many little small details, which I always missed while watching the VCD. The small butterfly pin on Rose's hair, the mirror she used, the fate of Ms Trudy, Cora whom Jack's favourite girl is, the small chandeliar in Mr Andrews's room when she hit the iceberg, etc..

Somehow it doesn't feel like 3 hours, it feels like 1 hour plus and I wanted more. During the last hour, there were sobs, of course I was not the only one who cried. Well, of course I'm well prepared to tear up, bought a handkerchief somemore.

I was doing a lot of thinking during the movie, I was relating myself to Rose. Trapped, lost, a bewildered soul. Nowhere to break free, not until she met him. Someone to tell her, there is an option to take, and more journeys ahead. Someone to see her, understand her, help her. Someone.

Its a classic love story, which includes the harsh humanity, possessive, cruel, greed, hypocrism, selfish, social class division; of course with positive notes of courage, woman power, gentleman manners. Oh damn, somehow I can't list down much of the good stuff, aren't we all always drawn to the bad stuff first?

I remembered when I first watched Titanic on teevo when I was in primary school, I rushed to my room and cried my heart out, and I asked my aunty, 'Jack died, why is he standing there with Rose at the last scene?' She answered, 'it just happened, you'll understand in the future'. Of course I figured it out, it is a consolation scene.

Overall, the design of the movie in 3D is alright, I wasn't feeling completely in awe, but it was just nice for one of my favourite movie of all time. But probably thanks to the 3D, I finally understand the distinct mise-en-scéne of the movie where the director James Cameron focused on objects in bringing nostalgic, melancholic, and pain of this tragic disaster.

I think I blogged about this quote before. 'A woman's heart is like a deep of ocean'. It is filled with secrets, and you will never know what is hiding behind her face. During one's lifetime, aren't us ladies trying hard to pretend? Pretend to be smiling, pretend to be cute, pretend to be beautiful, pretend to be like-able. Pretend to be strong, when you are not.

My heart will go on,
Wen Xin