Monday, April 16, 2012

Destiny vs. Fate

Yesterday, we saw news of Livorno midfielder, Piermario Morosini’s death after collapsing on the pitch during an Italian’s second division football game. Approximately a month ago, Bolton’s footballer, Fabric Muamba’s cardiac arrest swamped the sports headliners for a few days.

Truth is, Muamba survived, Morosini did not. Sad truth is, the media coverage on Muamba was much greater, and it shocked the English Premier League and the whole world that such incident happened on such young player. Muamba is only 24 years old. Footballers from Spain, as presented by the Galacticos (oh the all glamorous Real Madrid players), extended support and condolence to Muamba. The EPL was relieved in joy that Muamba made a spectacular speedy recovery. Unfortunately, destiny was not favouring Morosini.

Reading the stories of these two footballers, I can’t help it but to mourn. According to reports, Muamba is a hard working footballer with so many glory years ahead, no doubt he will make a return, a miraculous return. Whereas we had Morosini, who struggled with his parents’ death during his teens and handicapped brother’s suicidal. Muamba has his loving fiancé, family and even a Bolton team who was close to giving up on playing in a semi-final match. What about Morosini? He was only 25 years old, a year older than Muamba, 5 years older than me. We call it, his destiny? His fate?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, Destiny means ‘the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. Fate means ‘the development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. It can be concluded that both words carry the same meaning, both are caused by hidden powers, seen as beyond our controls.

Watching Freakonomics the movie, the chapter of ‘the socioeconomic patterns of naming children’, when one of the experts were asked about giving a right name to a child, he laughed that ‘you could possibly name your child Destiny’. I believe the quote is incorrect, I don’t quite remember but it goes something like that. Immediately, I turned to my movie date, documentary date to be precise (thank you my dear, I know you are reading this), and said ‘I do have a friend called Destiny’. Destiny. Such a nice name.
I once asked my mother, we were discussing about Justin Bieber’s enormous success as a teen celebrity when we watched E! True Hollywood Stories on Bieber, about his life as a celebrity, is it destined or fated, does he control his destiny and the fate just come? Both of us couldn’t come out a definite answer, remember my Chopra’s post about there is not one and correct perspective. But we both agreed to the conclusion that it is a mixture of destiny and fate.

It is up to your definition. In my point of view, I believe destiny is what you control, and fate is what you don’t control. Both development of events will necessarily happen, depends how you hold your destiny and fate favours you or not. Take Bieber for example, if he hasn’t post up videos on YouTube, would Scooter Braun discover him? Bieber took hold of his destiny, he doesn’t know he will be a superstar, but he knows he worths something. And then we have fate, who apparently and obviously favours him, Braun found him and brought him to Usher, who became his mentor. The rest is history, you and I know, what fame does the 18 year old man-to-be hold (I believe he is growing up as a man, ironically his music is playing in my office now). ‘That should be meeee’, oh the irony, oh the fate.

Going back to the story of the footballers, Muamba’s life is destined to have more, fate favours him and brought him back to life. We call it, a miracle, or his destiny. On the other hand, Morosini was not as lucky as Muamba, Morosini’s life is destined to be unfortunate, he might have a turning point, but fate still didn’t favour him. We call it, a tragedy, or his fate. I have utmost respect for both of them, one’s life can be so tough and fragile at the same time.

‘Destiny is what you control, and fate is what you don’t control.’ You couldn’t possibly see your destiny or your future. But you can control it until fate comes. Quoting Bridget Menezes, a columnist whom I follow on The Sun newspaper, ‘We are the architects of your own destiny. We are the builders of our future’. Putting a lil adjustment, I believe we are the engineers of our own destinies; God is the architect of our fate, together we create life.

Shooting back the question to myself, do I know my destiny or fate? Life is more fun if you don’t know, but you have to know you do worth something, and you work that something out. That perhaps, is my destiny, I don’t know what is it but I am working towards it. Just on last Saturday, I asked my mother, ‘can someone tell me how it feels heaving the last breath of your life? Is it really ‘that is it’ after that? Can I not die? I am scared’. I guess, when fate has to come, it comes. I wouldn’t have the time to think about all those then.

RIP Morosini, may you have a better life on the next cycle.
Ladies and Gentlemen, of Destiny vs. Fate, your choice.