Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Power of Power

Over the weekend, other than having a good catch up, I watched this interesting science fiction movie, Chronicle. Got to say, the smart and mysterious trailer captures my attention, probably one of the reason the movie is a hit. No first class cast, no world class director or producer, but an interesting plot and captivating young actors.
 Describing the plot isn't gonna do any good here, however, it is very inspirational to see how the director and the cast present one of the most scariest human nature, power. When power dominates you instead of the other round, not only you lose your beloveds and belongings, you lose yourself.

Human being, in any way, is linked to power. We are driven by the power of want. Majority of us pursues wealth, politicians pursue power and popularity, celebrities pursue fame, scholars pursue knowledge, employees pursue promotion, and the list goes on. Take myself for example, for the taste of glory, I want to stay on top of the league. Somehow the power of wanting the success over-controls me, I have done terrible things to achieve success.

In my workplace, it is a perfect experimental environment for power. I see the power of intimidation, working around executives and managers who have better abilities and skills. I see the power of gossips, where it is the center of attention. I see the power of predators where the prey always get bullied. I see the power of over-confidence and over-estimation, where it brings hatred and annoyance. Well, I do see some positive powers too. 

More commonly, one power where people can't stop craving, the power of love. I have seen how love paralyzes one life, making someone obsessive and annoying. Love makes people blind, where they miss so many of other good aspects in life. Valentine's Day is coming up, yes at times I do think about the Mr. Right. But life is too short to revolve around finding someone or thinking about someone who you aren't sure existing.

Well, at least we can have the power of craving, no?
Oh drools. Don't they look alike? Apparently it is not just me thinking they are alike. The younger Leonardo DiCaprio and Dane Dehaan from Chronicle. Some things need to be done effortlessly to present the real value. Dane Dehaan makes Andrew Detmer (the main character in Chronicle) looks effortless and surreal, no doubt most people can relate to him in any ways. After all, we are all just like Andrew, seeking a power that we are capable of, allowing it to over-control ourselves, fall and get back up. Aren't we?