Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to Business

It has been a really long time since I last blogged. I do have a passion to blog, often inspired by happenings and people; I wanted to write it down. There were distractions, there was laziness, there was lack of discipline; those were excuses.

 Fashion photographer, Nigel Barker once said on American Next Top Model, you can’t just have a passion, you have to be passionate.

Recalling my passions and interests these few years, lots have changed, lots have gone. Slowly, when your passions are lost, you tend to lose some identities of yours. I clung on the past for a long time, ‘I used to’ has slowly becoming my quote.

I used to hang out with my pals. I used to play the piano. I used to watch movies. I used to be a bright student. I used to be really confident. I used to bla, I used to this, I used to that.

Yesterday, I witnessed Novak Djokovic, whom I admired on the tennis arena. Partially because of his cute looks, but I was often overwhelmed by his utmost fighting spirit. Having the disadvantage of one less day to rest than his ever-strong opponent, Nadal; having to show he might collapse any time during the fifth match; having to not grasp the fourth set opportunity to seal the title, he somehow magically managed to defend his title, clinch the trophy and set some records.

Screams in joy and tears his shirt with relief, isn't this a gorgeous photo?

It was an inspirational and beautiful moment to see the finalists deliver their speeches. In the arena, they fight like winners, speak like professionals and poise like champions. Quoting Djokovic, there can’t be two winners. 

I felt Nadal’s pain of holding the runner-up’s silver plate, instead of the heavy trophy. Piercing screams of ‘That should be me’ are echoing in his heart, upsetting arguments of ‘Why don’t I do better’ are repeating in his head. At that point, it was painful to stand on the stage, being photographed when the limelight isn’t yours and forced a smile when you heart shouts a cry. That was how I felt on the 15th December 2011, a scene that I wouldn’t want to remember.

Life requires lots of fixing, planning, adapting and changing. I can’t promise if I will constantly update this blog, but I shall try. Try, always try.