Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Just, Good Business.

In Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Lord Cutler Beckett's last words 'It's Just, Good Business' before he was thrown to the deep ocean when counter explosions from both Jack Sparrow's and Will Turner's ships fired. He was shocked at the utmost, at the moment of truth, he didn't have to escape to save his life, because there are nothing left in his life where the 'good business' didn't do him a favour. Looking up to the sky while walking down the stairs, it almost felt like a joke from God, what was he trying to tell? Work harder and do whatever it takes, and I shall grant you what you want. He died in style but left a mission unaccomplished.

Somehow I am relating myself to him, it's weird that I have never set my eyes on him when we have the very charming Johnny Depp and the very good-looking Orlando Bloom. *drools*

The HSC results and ATAR aren't favourable. It hit me with complete shock and disappointment at the moment of truth when the website loaded on 3.30am yesterday and 7.45am today.

I looked up to the awesome KL view from my balcony, somehow it doesn't look fascinating tonight. Trying to find the moon where it's eclipse news dominated facebook newsfeed last week, I can't find it. Funny, I looked up to the sky and wondered, what are tou trying to tell me.

Looking at my comrade, smiling with pride and occupied with honours, deep inside ny heart, there were boomerang of yells 'that should be me'. I want to numb myself with my office work and the adrenaline of exercise, feed myself cheese, chocolate, green tea to cheer myself up. Time might be the best remedy.

Trying to send some grateful emails, tears kept flowing, the mixture of tears with eyeliner and mascara dropped, till I watched Bones. Perhaps God is trying to fool me again, it was a episode where a murdered surgeon paralyses Brennan's life, it's dubbed as the episode that makes people cry. Brennan saw herself in the victim, stressed, lonely and detached. Her world turned upside down in 3 days.

My world turned upside down in 3 days, it will turn back right up in 3 days. No? When God closes a door, He opens another door. What if, I only wanted the first door, it's always the first door.