Saturday, November 26, 2011

Same Shades of Blues.

I remembered,
When we wore the same shades of blue,
When we met in the tunnel,
When our eyes caught each other,
How those gave me faith that we had fate.

It was four to five months ago, 
From a student, to a stalker,
From follower, to Facebook friend,
From passionate, to losing interest,
Now that it's time to say goodbye,
I was not ready.

No more looking forward to the weekends,
No more tomato-red faces,
No more squealing inside my heart,
No more heart-pumping.

Should have had the guts to talk, 
Should have caught the last moment,
Wrong time wrong opportunity,
Perhaps it's better this way,
At least you will remember,
The girl who didn't talk to you,
The girl who didn't wave you back.

Never talk,
Never officially met, 
My best wishes to you,
And thank you for the teenage dream.