Saturday, October 15, 2011

To USA with LOVE

Need not introduction, she's one significant figure in my life. Remembering how we first get closed, it gotta be in 2008, Form 4 when we were destined to sit together in class. From class partners to good friends, from good friends to hubby-wifey, from hubby-wifey to best friends, it have been 4 years and we are still going strong.

Recalling all the sweet memories we have, it's just uncountable. First sleepover at your place, 'attended' Daughtry concert, watched Avril Lavigne's concert, all the after school hangouts, TGIF date, fortnightly catch ups, Singapore trip this June, first photo shoot, the sharing and gossiping sessions, Damansara Uptown adventure, birthdays, more and more. The last memory we had were the day you left. It really didn't hit me till the very last 10 minutes. We sobbed as we hugged, waved, and watched you left to the airport. Yet, the very touching letter you gave, signified our friendship has more to come.


It's hard to find a friend who will always make the move to keep in touch, because I know I am not. It's hard to find a friend who care about you sincerely. It's hard to find a friend who never gives up on me and willing to listen to my complaints. It's hard to find a friend who shares the same interest. It's hard to find that friend, but I am thankful I found you. 


I am not good in expressing love. But when I say 'I love you', it is a huge step and it really means 'I love you'. Dealing with your departure to the States, I am really happy that your dream comes true but it wasn't an easy feeling. There's less outings for me on Fridays or Saturdays, which will make my mother slightly happy. Although there's less communication, but we both know, the friendship is still going strong, because I love you ;)

Happy 19th Birthday Joanne Chong. 
Hugs and Kisses to USA,
From Malaysia with Love.
Sorry I couldn't make something special for your birthday. But you do know, you hold a very special position in my heart <3

Love you so much,